The Show Must Go Wrong

by Pillage & Plunder

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released August 5, 2014

Pillage & Plunder is:
Gokul Parasuram - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Hsiang-Ming Wen - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Noah Kess - Drums, Vibraphone, Theremin, Auxiliary Percussion, Vocals

All songs written & performed by Pillage & Plunder
Produced by Cody Sciara and Pillage & Plunder
Engineered & mixed by Cody Sciara & Noah Kess
Recorded and mixed at Zac Recording - Atlanta, GA & Superjew Productions, LLC - Atlanta, GA
Acoustic guitar on Track 5 recorded by Knox at Arcadia Production and Recording Studio - Norcross, GA
Mastered by Endre Tomaschek at Spinning Whale Studios - Atlanta, GA
Artwork & layout by Hsiang-Ming Wen

Trumpet on Track 1 by Darren English
Trumpet on Track 8 by Bryan Sintos
Trombone on Track 1 by Robert Nicholas Dixon III



all rights reserved


Pillage & Plunder Atlanta, Georgia

Three-piece art rock band from Atlanta, GA.


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Track Name: Beetlejuice
Sever my limbs, my heart's dismembered from my soul, and everything reminds me of her. I don't care about you now. I can no longer believe in love. Put a blockade on all your questions and your thoughts. What would I do with another gaudy piece of art inside my house? You had better cut that bullshit out. What in the hell are you talking about? But I'll be better off alone on my own, and you will be sorry you left, judging by the way you called called called my name.
Track Name: Boogeyman
Jake and Julie home alone
Jake can't sleep, Julie's on the phone
Caroline, where did you go?
Little do the children know
What lies hiding behind the door
Big red eyes, scratches on the floor

Sitting at the cauldron stirring carrots for the stew
Boogeymen are hungry, they have needs I thought you know
Track Name: How Did It Come To This?
Cheers to the man
And cheers to the girl
For being such grand assholes
Well I said it once before
And I'll say it once again
We could've been real good friends
With an absence of speech
We took that as a cue
That you'd finally made your move
You left us in the dirt
You left us hanging there
Well sometimes life just isn't fair

"How did it come to this?"
We ask ourselves
Did we do something wrong?
It's sad to see how little we mean to you

I may have acted rashly
I may have been a fool
But every word I said was true
Together we had been
Six years now again
I never thought that this would end

My temper gets the best of me
Sincerely, if I could take it back I would
I need a little more, I need a little less
Well I need to figure my life out
Track Name: I Will Drink the Ocean When I Go There
I've always told you I hated the beach. I can't stand the sand on my feet. I focus on the horizon and what do I see? A rising tide coming at me. All of a sudden I'm out on the sea. I'm sailing, I'm caught in a breeze. Next thing I know there's a spirit staring at me. Am I alone am I free?

Distance melts my heart away, and it eats upon my memories of your love, of your tenderness. Your touch, your smile is fading away.

Could I be a health nut that eats onion rings? Could I be a statue that thinks? Would I look good wearing a straight jacket fixed up with wings? I can't seem to comment about anything, depression, the trouble it brings. Damn it I'm stuck writing music I don't want to sing.
Track Name: Keep Dreaming (It's Not Gonna Happen)
Hey there dear friend. Well it's been a pleasure getting to know you. I know it's only been three months, but I think I've fallen for you. Oh yes I do believe so. But no matter how I feel, there's nothing I can do about the situation that we are in. Cause you already have somebody else, someone else to hold you. Oh baby, oh baby please, you've got a hold on me, and I can't seem to be able to get over you. You tell me I should and I tell you the same thing. He's been there for you for two years. He's so wonderful, so kind and smart, just like you. Oh why can't I be him? But I don't wanna ruin something so sweet. It seems like it's meant to be, forever and ever and ever. And I'm so damn selfish, cause I just won't let go.

You and me could be so happy. Laughing and smiling. Doing everything. Give me a chance in this here romance. We'd probably get nothing done, but we'd sure have so much fun. And I just wanna see you smile, all the time if I could. And if that means without me, then so be it, but I'll always love you.
Track Name: Moocow
I've reached the peak of my climb to the top, now all I see is the bottom of the ladder that I climbed. I decline slowly. But surely I can rest awhile, enjoy myself, forget the future downfall I will undergo. No one can save me.

I shed my skin I shed responsibility for everything I've gotten into thank to you. I'm falling in mid-air. I'm shouting and I'm screaming at the world for tricking me into thinking I had purpose, a gift that's rare. The blame is yours to share. And I realized a little bit too late.
Track Name: The Last Date
It's seven o'clock on a Friday night
I'm sat in this booth with you nowhere in sight
This isn't the first time that you've stood me up like this
But bet your bottom dollar bill baby it sure will be the last
I phoned you once, I messaged you twice
You didn't pick up, no no, I got no reply
I am tired of your lies, so this is goodbye

You're always a dick
I don't know why I stayed in this so long
You treated me like shit
Never made me feel like I belong
Well I'm so tired of your lies
So this is goodbye

I've got my bags I'm ready to go
Can't stop me, I'm out that door
That's the sound of my footsteps going
"Bap bap bap bada bap bap"
You can take that ring you can keep that necklace
And everything else that's on the checklist
Well I'm through with you

You turn to me and cry
"Oh baby I would die
without you by my side"
Well that's another lie
You're getting on just fine
Sleeping around every night.
Track Name: Hit & Run
Her dizzy looking smile. It faded out of style. And suddenly it hit me, that bird could never hold a tune as tightly as the moon. She hit me & she ran. I couldn't understand. I tried to maul it over, but I could never hold a tune as tightly as the moon.

My heart is swollen and I con't. Can't keep on giving anymore. Don't make a move I am nursing my wounds you should've known I'd never change. I'm rather moody, feed me lies through a tube & tell me everything's okay.

My one & only
She doesn't care for me anymore
It's through the roof that damn insurance
Track Name: Summer Days
Summer days
You are approaching me
Well I'm not the same
Or so I would like to think
Oh tell me tell me tell me ooh
If this time it will be different

22 and what have I got to show?
Well I shouldn't complain
Cause life is so fucking great
Oh hit me hit me hit me

Cause I believe in me
Believe in you

I could've worked much harder
I could've studied more
Well I could've, well I could've
Well I could've, but I can't

I should've been more patient
I should've been much nicer
Well I should've, well I should've
Well I should've, but I can't

Well I can't go back there no more
Well I can't change what's been done
Well I can't, well I can't, well I can't
Well I can't
Track Name: Nutcracker
Everyone I let inside my head abuses me and I'd like to hide away. Seems like I was wronga bout you, I was mad to believe that you would ever care for me. Should've read the writing on the wall, how could you deceive me? Let me live this way. Should've read the writing on the wall, how could you deceive me? Let me live this way. You can take all your fakery away from me. Leave me in peace. I'll run away from the traces of all my memories of you. Leave me in peace.

Still I can't let it go and I don't want to move on at all. I'm done pretending. My you've changed. Maybe I was wrong. I won't get fooled again, no no no no no no no no.

I won't let you forget about me, no.
I won't let you forget about me, no.